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Schism on Antheer-D (Gods & Frauds #1) / Schism...
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In the tradition of the old 'Ace Doubles' two-in-one-books (flip one over to read the second title)--here is the eighteenth Wildside Double. SCHISM ON ANTHEER-D (Gods & Frauds #1), by William Maltese. On Antheer-D, religious fermentation suddenly comes to a boil, when diehard male chauvanist zealots attempt to overthrow the growing power of the transmogrified one-time humanoid female, Arya Organa. SCHISM ON BNTH (Gods & Frauds #2), by William Maltese. On Bnth, the old-time religious fanatics mount an attack on the Beast's Fortress, again aimed at curbing the power of Arya Organa, leader of the religious cult bent on supplanting every male god in the planet's pantheon. Will these schisms fracture human societies? Or will calmer, more rational minds prevail? Two entries in an exciting new sci-fi series.

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